Nugget A #62

I bought good ‘ol #62 on the cusp. This F-5, widely revered for it’s tone and power, was started in Eldora, Colorado, and finished up at Nugget Mandolin World Headquarters in Central Lake, Michigan. The top of this instrument was cut from one of the Englemann 4 x 14s that Mary Lynn and I used to build our handmade hippie house back in the early 70s.   Nugget was visiting and wondered if I had any of that spruce left that was clear and quarter-sawn. We went out to my lumber pile and found a beautiful 26 foot beam. I hand-sawed off about twelve feet of it which we proceeded to tie to the top of Nugget’s Dodge Tradesman Slant Six van. Thus began our beautiful relationship in the mandolin world of yesteryear.