Nugget Deluxe F #192

  This Deluxe F-5 (#192) was delivered in 1996, and is a very nice playing, powerful, sweet-toned instrument. The owner played it a lot, and it took a few dings and abrasions along the way… but it is an exceptional F style mandolin, even by Nugget’s standards. The 1 3/32″ neck width, along with the arched fingerboard and jumbo frets really feels good in my hands… and I’d bet it will in yours too.

The varnish finish is classy, as you can see, and the one-piece back really shows it off. No cracks or structural problems of any kind. I can’t get over the extreme playability of this mandolin, and I have a great playing one of my own. If it won’t kill banjos, it will at least deliver serious injuries.