Nugget Duluxe A #191 "The Bat Mando"

   This instrument was built by Mike in 1996 as a special order Deluxe A, with a “bat motif” as you can readily see. The fingerboard inlay also represents phases of the moon. The satin varnish finish is representative of that time period at Nugget Mandolins, and complements the instrument beautifully. The neck is 1/16” narrower than the more standard 1 1/8”. Many players may not notice it, but I would suggest that it feels great for those with smaller fingers. It is set up perfectly.

   The tone is everything you’d want it to be, despite the minimal hours of playing time on this mandolin. It’s deep and rich with a great woody chop, and has that beautiful bell-tone all over the neck. It’s great right out of the case, but will grow and focus quickly as it gets played. Very nice woody liveliness. In short, it’s a strong little Nugget that will turn some heads, and not just because of the peghead inlay.

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