Tips, Tunes & Tabs

Here are some great little tunes tabbed out for guitar and mandolin.  If you’re getting a little tired of Blackberry Blossom, Salt Creek and the rest of the parking lot standards… give these a listen.  They include Rockygrass favorites, as well as new explorations for students and friends alike.  You can listen to them and learn ’em if you like ’em. 

 I originally put up this site to connect with friends, share music, and talk about the finer points of musical instruments, especially mandolins. In thirty years of owning an acoustic string shop, teaching lessons on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and fiddle, I’ve tried to learn about how people of all abilities learn to play. Not everyone is a master musician, but most anyone with the desire can find their way to a lifetime love affair with music. There are lots of ways to connect with the subject at hand.