Nugget Deluxe F #43


    As we’re fond of saying, it’s always a nice time to buy a Nugget Mandolin—now it’s even more true. This great sounding Deluxe F is really tasty. The top could be choice Englemann, but it there’s some great looking European Spruce out there that looks like this too. 

    The instrument is open, but definitely sweet. I’d probably bet on it being European from the sound. Nugget re-topped the instrument in 2000 as the original suffered some undisclosed damage...possibly temperature related.

    The fingerboard is non-radiused, and the mandolin has no issues of any kind. It would be an interesting comparison with #64 which is priced the same. I know that #64 has an Englemann Spruce top.

    It comes in a white Calton case at $17,500

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