Nugget F Deluxe #219

“The Romando”

    This is a one of a kind very special Nugget Deluxe F. It is serial number 219, made in 1999. It's unique in every way except the sound, which is excellent and very much what one would expect. I have two Deluxe Fs as my personal instruments... #62 and #261.
    My older instrument has an Engleman top, is 27 years old with loads of playing time. It's dry, loud, and woody to the max. My new F has a Red Spruce top. It's loud but sweet, with the low end still developing... but impressively. This instrument has a lacquer gloss finish, and an Engleman top and fits just perfectly in tone and volume between #62 and #261. It's loud, and woodier than my new one, but sweeter than my old one.
    The maple flame is spectacular, as you can see, and the instrument is in near perfect condition. The stylized torch on the peghead blends perfectly with the "Romano" design. In short, it's an excellent mandolin. Price is $23,500 in a TKL case.

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