Nugget A #103

    This is Drew Emmitt's A Model. It is a powerhouse. Easily one of the strongest mandolins I've ever heard. Great bass, incredible liveliness, and strong ringing treble. Played on three albums, and only being sold because Drew has two other Nugget F Models and two little kids going to a great new school in Crested Butte, Colorado. Drew's wife Rene has been playing this instrument since it retired from Leftover Salmon.

    There is one repaired (by Nugget) minor crack below the right f-hole, and other than that the mandolin is in excellent shape considering its many years of stage use. Nugget repaired the crack, and also recently re-fretted the instrument.

    This is not just a bit of history, but a gutsy, beautifully toned instrument with great harmonic structure.

    It is being offered for $13,000 in a somewhat ill fitting tweed case. I have a Calton for it if you like.


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