Nugget Deluxe Two-Point #147


    We don't get to see too many of these Two Points, but it's Nugget's own design, and I think a very good one. It combines the slightly larger air chamber and symmetry of an A Model with an elegance that hints at the F. This instrument has been owned and played full time by a single owner who is only selling because he just got his long awaited Nugget F and reluctantly may have to move one along.

    This Two Point has an Engleman Spruce top and a beautiful one piece back. It was originally a varnish gloss finish. Nugget cleaned up some dings and wear and applied some additional varnish to create his "satin" look... and boy it's a beauty. The tone is ALL THERE. It's warm and woody, in spades... seriously strong, with the bell tone harmonic structure that we have come to expect in Mike Kemnitzer's mandolins. The treble is sweet and crystalline with outstanding sustain. This is truly one of the most beautiful sounding Nuggets that I've had the pleasure of playing, and the twelve years of hard playing don't hurt a thing.

    Notice that the neck varnish is partially rubbed off... good ol' honest playing time. If you look closely you can see (barely) some minimal finish restoration work... but hey, it was done by Mike, along with the brand new fret job and set up. It's ready to roll, and the owner will be a lucky person indeed.


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