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“A sense of decency pervades this fresh, well-written memoir of family and war: there’s a feeling that Sandy Munro is a good man speaking from the heart about meaningful lives. Finding Uri is a wonderful piece of storytelling.”

Clifford Irving

“I now know Uri and Betsy Munro and I know them intimately. I dated them, met their families, fell in love, went to their wedding, even went into their bedroom, made love, had a son and went to war with them. In this more than moving, emotional memoir I opened the long lost, never-opened letters between two people deeply in love but hopelessly separated by a world at war. Even in the beginning we know the end, but Sandy Munro, a naval aviator himself, takes us through history, war and tragedy with a loving pen. He captures us by taking us on his journey as he unravels the mystery of his father’s death. We laugh, we weep, we remember, and we breathlessly anticipate a new revelation on the next page. This is not a war book, nor a history. Finding Uri is a love story about two people, their son and his search for the father he never knew. It should become a classic bestseller about human suffering and uplifting perseverance in life. One of a handful of books I will remember forever.”

—Major General USAF (ret.) Don Shepperd, co-author Bury Us Upside Down

“This weekend I traveled back in time to World War II America by reading this poignant and haunting memoir. With simple yet powerful prose, Sandy Munro gives us an adult child’s newfound understanding of the love affair between his mother, Betsy, and his fatherwho never returned from the war. With 190 newly discovered letters, Sandy takes the leap into the unknown, and the result is a remarkable story of enduring love and bravery. Highly recommended.”                                                           —J. Carson Black, author of Darkness on the Edge of Town and The Shop


“In this poignant family story, you’ll be swept up and carried along with Sandy, anxiously peering over his shoulder at the long-lost, yellowed letters between his parents during World War II. You’ll experience with him all the facets of human emotion: apprehension, loneliness, fear, trepidation, yearning. In finding Uri, Sandy finds himself, too, and learns that ultimately, true and enduring love transcends the pain of loss. Sandy's story leaves us with this cogent thought: “If he had to die for us—now, I have to live for him.

Carol Jose, co-author of Saved by Love and You Are Not Forgotten

“The lost father! A theme as American as apple pie, though in Sandy Munro’s case the quest is literal. In sturdy, straightforward American prose Sandy tells the story of recovering vital information about the father who died before his son had the chance to get to know him. This occurs as a result of receiving almost two hundred letters, an incalculable gift nobody could hope to receive. When Sandy slits open the sealed shoebox, he detects ‘a little puff of old attic smell’ and bends down to peer inside. What he finds there is more than correspondence. It is the story of a man’s life, and that of his wife and son, forged in war and tempered by tragedy straight out of the pages of history. I don’t know how Sandy manages to create suspense in a story whose ending is foreknown, but he does. Along the way he discovers the truth every memoirist knows: writing is remembering, and memory is unstable.“Maybe I don’t remember this at all,” he writes. “Maybe it’s only a dream.” But the letters, the real precious unaccountable box of old-fashioned handwritten letters, argue otherwise. Read this book. It is touching, and true.”

—Kurt Brown, poet and founder of the Aspen Writers’ Conference

“Sandy Munro’s Finding Uri is a riveting and compelling story that draws the reader in from the first pages on as he attempts to unravel the unknowns and the mysteries surrounding who his father was.  While a personal memoir, it is also a fascinating and informative historical journey that is easy to relate to but unique in its structure.”

—Brooke Newman, author of The Little Tern and Jenniemae & James: A Portrait in Black & White

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